{YOUR COUNTRY:body} {YOUR COUNTRY:validation}
{YOUR CITY:body} {YOUR CITY:validation}
{Company Name:body} {Company Name:validation}
{Address:body} {Address:validation}
{Phone:body} {Phone:validation}
{Fax:body} {Fax:validation}
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{Email accounting:body} {Email accounting:validation}
{Airports cover in your country:body} {Airports cover in your country:validation}
{Ocean ports cover in your country:body} {Ocean ports cover in your country:validation}
{Indicate yes or not:body}
{Airfreight:body} {Airfreight:validation}
{Ocean freight :body} {Ocean freight :validation}
{Inland freight:body} {Inland freight:validation}
{Warehousing:body} {Warehousing:validation}
{Customs Brokerage:body} {Customs Brokerage:validation}
{Project cargo:body} {Project cargo:validation}
{Live animals:body} {Live animals:validation}
{Dangerousgoods DGR:body} {Dangerousgoods DGR:validation}
{Perishables:body} {Perishables:validation}
{Pharma:body} {Pharma:validation}
{Time sensitive:body} {Time sensitive:validation}
{Exhibitions:body} {Exhibitions:validation}
{Relocations:body} {Relocations:validation}
{Fiata:body} {Fiata:validation}
{Iata:body} {Iata:validation}
{Others Licenses certifications:body} {Others Licenses certifications:validation}
{Others Licenses certifications if is yes please mention:body} {Others Licenses certifications if is yes please mention:validation}
{Year of establishment of your company:body} {Year of establishment of your company:validation}
{Member of:body} {Member of:validation}
{Total annual turnover USD:body} {Total annual turnover USD:validation}
{Number of employees:body} {Number of employees:validation}
{Freight forwarding references:body} {Freight forwarding references:validation}
{Branch Offices or subsidiaries:body} {Branch Offices or subsidiaries:validation}
{Number of shipments handle by your company per month without routed cargo or nominations:body} {Number of shipments handle by your company per month without routed cargo or nominations:validation}
{Main countries of your business:body} {Main countries of your business:validation}
{Date of AWS incorporation:body} {Date of AWS incorporation:validation}
{Website:body} {Website:validation}
{de I agree all AWS terms conditions:body} {de I agree all AWS terms conditions:validation}
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