Join AWS have a lot of benefits for your air cargo sector:
1.- New airfreight shipments, consigments, nominations, sales leads and inquiries from the entire network to your good company.
2.- Prestige of specialist AWS membership.
3.- Finantial protection with our PPP Payment Protection Plan you can handle shipment with totally peace of mind between active AWS members
4.- The lowest annual fee, just USD 495 and If your company are IATA member you also will received 20% of additional discount in all your annual membership over the years, also right now membership is totally FREE, cero cost until 31.MARCH.2017 as a free trial period for all new AWS partners.
5.- Total worldwide coverage in 5 continents.
6.- Access to all AWS airfreight specialists members.
7.- Exclusive system that ensure traffic between all AWS members
8.- Marketing package and use of AWS logo in your email signatures, website, business cards and more.
9.- You will receive an AWS personalized email with your main airport code, for example:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
10.- Only one exclusive member per main airport worldwide performing exclusive coverage for AWS.
As you know handle airfreight with MAWB prepaid is a global risk for all independents freight forwarders due delays of payments or simply no payments from the destination forwarder.
In fact, with AWS you can send MAWB with prepaid basics and HAWB with collect basics with TOTAL PEACE OF MIND, because AWS offer global financial security with our PPP - PAYMENT PROTECTION PLAN.

So, if you can send more shipments this will be reflected in our business increase and development of your aifreight sector for this reason we are here forming AWS network, kindly see below all basics requirements in order to join us: